Booking Terms & Conditions

These Booking Terms & Conditions are used in conjunction with our standard Conditions of Use and Sale.

1. TY reserves the right to charge additional costs over should there be any damage caused to fixtures or fittings by any member of your party.

2. To allow our teams to prepare for bookings, our room booking system operates a cut off time of 6pm the previous day for all room bookings. For any bookings required same day, please contact TY directly on to check availability.

3. We will only hold rooms for up to 45 minutes after booking time, if you have not arrived or emailed to let us know you’re running late, we reserve the right to release your table.

4. Please inform us in advance on of any special requirements and we will endeavour to meet them for you.

5. You may not bring your own food and drink for consumption within the public space at TY or at any private meetings or event held within TY.

6. We are not responsible for any personal belongings used or left at any TY location.

7. Please note that all of our menus are subject to daily and seasonal change.

8. Free public wifi is a discretionary service provided by TY for our customers but for which TY will not be held responsible should the connection to the internet from our Internet Service Provider (ISP) go down. No event or room booking refunds will be provided in the event public wifi going down.

9. For exclusive hire of the entire venue for an event, please contact us at to enquire about using TY for your own private hire.

10. If your meeting or event overruns and the space is not reserved by another party you may be able to stay for extra time but the additional time may be subject to charge. This is at the discretion of the shop management teams.

11. We offer recommended occupancy numbers for each of our meeting room based on past experience but these guidelines can change with different room configurations. Please contact us on to arrange a viewing or just pop in to look at the rooms if you have a different type of meeting in mind or aren’t sure about numbers.

12. To cancel your booking please send an email to

13. All booking fees plus any additional spend must be paid on the day of your booking before you leave the premises, unless agreed in advance with a member of the TY Team.

14. TY credit can only be redeemed against food and drink throughout the your booking. TY credit cannot be redeemed or exchanged for cash. TY cannot be used for takeaway food and drink.

15. All deposits taken for bookings at TY are non-refundable.

16. AV equipment is a discretionary service provided by TY for our customers in certain meeting rooms. TY will not be held responsible should the AV equipment not be working or be compatible with customer devices. If your meeting is dependent on AV equipment please let us know and we can arrange a time for you to visit and test everything in advance.