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Meet the Roaster: Ralf Rüller, 6-7pm

11 November 2015


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THE BARN is one of our key roasters and a leading Specialty Coffee Roaster in Germany. Known for their uncompromised approach to quality they only work with highest quality beans, fresh in season. They pay premium prices for high bean qualities so that the coffee farmers can run a sustainable business. All coffees are sourced as direct as possible.

We are happy to have an afternoon with Ralf, the founder and roaster of THE BARN. He will cup all current coffee range and explain about farming, harvesting and roasting of his coffees. In a Q&A session you can ask all questions about those beautiful beans.

About THE BARN, Ralf says: “All we do is handmade. We are obsessed with quality. When we roast we always follow the natural taste of a coffee – and not to change it. In principle we never blend any of our coffees to showcase individual flavour, terroir and the work of each farm. Microlot by microlot. You will taste the difference!

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