‘Timberyard has become the benchmark for London coffee shops in the last few years. It comes as no surprise when you take into account from the shop design, customer service, and of course food and drink offerings.

Ruth and Darren have such an incredible passion for the hybrid business model that they pioneered.  They are truly inspiring.  They have an incredible eye for detail and flair.  They always think outside of the box with new ways to push the business forward while continually raising the bar on their every day operations.  They look after their customers, staff and suppliers with gracious hospitality.   They give back to the community, be it from charity fundraisers, to photography competitions, and local causes.

It is such an honour to supply them. Timberyard has helped me grow my business.  Not just in the financial way, but by rising to their challenges as a customer, be it in new flavour development, new product development or refining existing products for different markets.’

Scott Ball


‘We have roasted coffee beans for Timberyard since 2015 and just love their approach to quality and their ability to build communities around their cafés. Their level of professionalism both in communication and execution is fantastic. We feel very much like partners and are an integral part of their supply base. All orders, coffee recipes and collaboration works like clockwork and is very inclusive  –  even though we are not located in the UK. Timberyard’s quality is universally praised by customers and we are very happy that we work with them. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.’

Ralf Rueller


‘I love me some Timberyard! Not only are they a multi-award winning coffee shop, with world champion Baristas but they also adopt an award-winning philosophy when it comes to fledgling businesses like Borough 22. They have a real family vibe about them, despite spanning over several stores, and totally adopted me into their fold.

Their business model is a successful one as the stores are always heaving with customers each time I visit, embracing the creative, networking environment that Timberyard aims to provide.

Through their direct involvement, offering me a space at their former Boxpark site, I was able to grow my business turnover in excess of 100% whilst making the transition from part-time to a full-time small business owner. It was a fantastic opportunity at a crucial time and a true act of belief and kindness that I will never forget. This was pivotal to the growth of Borough 22 as it came with exposure to the marketplace that I would never have gotten anywhere else. They continue to support and assist me, as well as stock my products in store.’

Ryan Panchoo


‘We are very proud to be TYUK’s tea partner, especially given the rare care and attention they give to their tea menu. They are a pleasure to work with, whether through collaborative events, recipe creation or tea training.’

Emilie Holmes


‘I was a frequent visitor to the Timberyard in Seven Dials, a great place to work, serving some of the best coffee and tea of any coffee shop I’d been to in London. In Summer 2016 a few weeks after receiving a camera as a birthday present I was in the Timber Yard when one of the barista’s spotted the camera and mentioned a photography competition they were running which he encouraged me to enter. My first reaction was to laugh but he was persistent and when I got home I thought what have I got to loose I might as well give it a go.

What followed was a whirlwind journey that could not have happened without the Timberyard. A photo exhibited in the Timberyard Seven Dials competition (Aug 2016 – Mar 2017), a solo exhibition at Timberyard Soho (January 2017 – current) and with the encouragement and support from the staff particularly Darren & Ruth (Timberyard founders) I entered and successfully exhibited two photos in the 2017 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, my photos were hanging alongside artist greats.

Without the support and encouragement from the Timberyard I would never have pursued it. What stands out for me, is not only the belief they have in people but also the ability to put their money where their mouth is and taking a risk on a very new and very unknown artist to give me precious wall space to host a solo exhibition was amazing. It’s easy to say no, but at Timberyard their first response is a yes, lets figure it out!

I’m forever grateful to them believing in me and giving me the courage to pursue a potential new career, I would never have done it without those first nudges and continued support! Timberyard is hugely invested in their customers in ways you’d never expect a coffee shop to be. They genuinely care about what they are creating, and in my mind they are still the best coffee shop!’

Lucy Wood


‘The beginnings of TY coincided with a change in my career which left me hunting out the best flexible working spaces; immediately TY surpassed anything in its path.

Firstly the work place – the wi-fi, working conditions, beautifully designed interiors; fascinating hub-bub of other people’s work and burgeoning ideas. It’s sounds cliched to say you could feel ideas coming to life, but through personal experience it’s a inspiring environment that through the sum of its parts feels creative. Secondly, but certainly equally, is the clever approach to food and drink – easy to manage-while-you-work healthy food, (obviously) brilliant coffee & tea and treats that even if you don’t deserve or need, tempt you throughout the day and never disappoint.

Darren & Ruth are unendingly creative in their ideas for the shops, and their communications – and have instilled a great inclusive “TY” in all of the team.

The only criticism is that it’s such a success and it can be tricky to get the perfect seat or area you require everytime – but it was never going to remain a secret for long, and it’s exciting to find out what the team are going to next.’

Glenn Coomber