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A new take on work space with award winning tea and coffee on tap

TY the award-winning independent group of speciality tea and coffee shops, launched a new version of workspace in May 2016 specifically designed for early stage businesses in the creative sector. All the available seats at the new TY Creative Companies were quickly secured and the lower ground floor at TY Soho has become the new home to 4 companies: Freeformers, PlayMob, Elbi and Wisher, a cleverly chosen combination of entrepreneurial spirits, each of whom are currently trailblazing in the world of tech education and development.

The space itself has been developed to bring together a community of talented teams, each are creating something different but are closely related enough to benefit from pooling knowledge and skills, slimming down and refining their operations and sharing the costs of services. The combination of minds were providing new leads and opening new doors, before they even crossed the threshold to move in.

Ruth Coppin, CEO, comments, ‘One of the big appeals of this new creative workspace is our careful selection of companies and their willingness to collaborate with and learn from each other. Our workspace location in Soho, central London has some of UK’s best speciality baristas brewing teas and coffees for the companies all day long. That’s no small perk.’

Creative Companies represents the first major redesign of the hybrid TY coffee and workspace model since its creation in 2012. The new workspace continues the now familiar brand of marrying a fully serviced cool and inspired work environment with exceptional tea and coffee, nutritious food and hospitality included. Unlike the existing TY shop locations, which have been successfully offering accessible workspace to nomadic individuals; startups, freelancers and coffee lovers, for over 3 years already, this new model is specifically targeted at early stage creative businesses with teams of 4 and above.

TY Soho Creative Companies

FreeformersThe digital growth partner to FTSE100 organisations. Their mission: to create the future workforce, now.  The diverse and energetic team do this through a combination of training and consultancy services that drive digital adoption for some of the world’s most recognisable brands, using TY’s unique space to help them work flexibly and creatively, while enjoying Soho’s vibrant backdrop.


PlaymobMaking every click count.

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