About TY

Timberyard is now firmly established as a lifestyle brand and an enabler for creativity and innovation. In five years Timberyard has successfully proven the happy marriage of public workspaces in award-winning, coffee shop environments. Timberyard is designed specifically for tea and coffee aficionados and remote working Londoners including creative freelancers, early stage and developing businesses.

The company has two sites in London today, TY Seven Dials and TY Facebook, and despite its first site, TY Old Street, being forced to close in 2016 2Q, to allow redevelopment of the building in which it was sited, Timberyard continues to seek new sites to open in London and cities elsewhere.


Our History

Timberyard was conceived in 2012, when its founder, Ruth Coppin, who at the time was working for Lloyds of London in the City, recognised London had very few good coffee shops with space for meetings. Her subsequent research gave her a better understanding of the market opportunity and the potential for differentiation. An advert to find a co-founder with a deep understanding of the hospitality sector led to Darren Elliott joining Ruth to create a robust business plan, which resulted in a successful seed investment round and the first Timberyard opening in Old Street in December 2012.

A solid customer base grew quickly and industry awards ensued recognising all aspects of the business. A strong social media presence helped broaden the appeal of Timberyard that allowed the company to attract additional investment to open a second site in January 2014, which was well received by customers and the industry with Timberyard winning the accolade of Best Independent Coffee Shop in Europe late in 2014. A third Timberyard site, TY Soho, opened in November 2015 but closed in November 2017 when the team moved their operation into Facebook HQ.

Timberyard was selected by Facebook to set up two TY-branded counter positions within their new UK headquarters based in London. Both counters service up to 2,000 Facebook employees and their guests plus visitors to the conference and event facilities.