In the past, sleeping used to be so simple, all you had to do is to lay down and fall asleep. But now, the sleeping industry and technology have changed.

Aside from high-end smart beds at our disposal, we also have smart accessories like cremes, smart blankets, smart pillows, and others to make the overall sleeping experience easier.

Chilipad Sleep System is no exception, but it’s an ideal solution for those who feel either too hot or too cold throughout the sleep. Check out our review.

What is the Chilipad Sleep System?

Chilipad Sleep SystemChilipad Sleep System
Terry Cralle, RN

Before we dive into the details of our thorough review, let’s define what’s Chilipad Sleep System at all. The chili pad is a sleep system made out of a hydro-powered mattress pad. It also consists of thermal regulating control units packed in a sizeable box that at times can be difficult to position, as well as a remote, which allows you to easily control the temperature and other features within it.

Given that it uses hydropower to ensure the great sleeping experience, it works by warming or cooling water to provide the optimal temperature you need, based on the values you determine on the remote. The operating temperatures are from 55 to 115 degrees Fahrenheit (or 13-46 degrees if you use Celsius measurements.)

As the company states, sleeping at an optimal temperature is of extreme importance to provide quality sleep that will work restorative towards your muscles and bones.

ChiliPad Vs. BedJet

ChiliPad runs thanks to the water cooling system. Opposite to that, BedJet is a cooling system that uses cooled air that gets distributed under sheets. It has only one pipe that attaches under the blanket and sheets and pumps cooled or warmed air into the bedsheet and distributes chilly temperature to simplify and help relax through the sleep.

Some people prefer sleeping free of EMF, pipes and wires that could potentially harm them or cause discomfort. That’s why a BedJet is a better option.

However, ChiliPad is way more effective compared to BedJet because water is less affected by the temperature room and the blown air works only under a certain temperature.

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ChiliPad Vs. Ooler Cooling System

Both ChiliPad and Ooler Cooling System are manufactured by Chili, a company that manufactures the cooling systems and accessories that can help you sleep cooler. Ooler is significantly more expensive compared to the ChiliPad, but also seems to be of higher quality.

Both devices have a wide temperature specter to adjust, with Ooler being less dependent on the room temperature. All in all, Ooler feels genuinely more premium compared to the ChiliPad system and can easily adjust to a great range of surfaces.

The only thing we minded about the Ooler system is that instead of the dedicated remote control, it had only an application that helps control it. Still, some people don’t prefer applications or taking phones to bed.

Both devices’ pads are removable and washable and sufficiently comfortable not to ruin the sleeping experience.

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ChiliPad Vs. Air Conditioning Unit

Air conditioning unit is a great investment for hot and humid areas. Many people practice to install them in the bedrooms because the nights can get unbearable both in the room and bed, especially if you sleep with a partner.

While there are a lot of benefits of using the AC system in bedroom, it’s also known for being loud at times and causing dry air which then results in stuffed nose or dry throat.

On the other hand, ChiliPad focuses on your bed sheets and mattress to keep them cool and distribute chilly water through the tubes in such way that each part of your body will feel relaxed and relieved.

The bad thing about ChilliPad is that its functionality gets affected by the room temperature so if it’s too warm, it won’t be working that good.

Air Conditioner is an expensive investment but if you’re worried about the performance of ChiliPad due to too hot environment it’d be the best to invest in both and turn the AC off once the optimal temperature is reached.

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Control unit,Hydronic pad, RemoteControl unit,Hydronic pad, Remote
Terry Cralle, RN


When your Chilipad arrives, and you open it, you’ll be greeted with the following components to help you restore your sleep:

  • Control unit
  • Hydronic pad
  • Remote

Control Unit

When it comes to the control unit, it looks like a small cube, but it’s also the brain of the entire sleeping system because it warms and cools the water and then distributes it across the special tubes to the mattress pad on your bed.

It measures 9.5 x 10.5 x 7.5-inches, so it will neither take too much nor too little space. While in most rooms, it’ll be compact, some people will face difficulties giving it a proper positioning if their bedroom is smaller.

Its water tank can hold up to 13oz of water (or 390ml.) Given it’s relatively compact, its mass is 10lbs (4.5kg) which makes it easy to transfer, in sense of the entire system. You can take it to the vacation or family sleepovers.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the entire system can be utilized by both kids and parents, as well as single sleepers because there’s an option to choose for both double and single sleepers.

The box also comes with certain safety certifications that ensure its quality including the ETL, SAA + CE, but more about that later. The cube is white, just like the rest of the sleeping system.

Hydronic Pad

Once the water warms up or cools down, it’s transferred to the hydronic pad through the 1/8-inch Silicone Tubing. That said, there are no electric wires or any heavy electronic components inside of the blanket, guaranteeing a healthy and peaceful sleep, with little to no electromagnetic emissions. As the packaging says, the EMF transmission is low, meaning there is no risk for your body or overall health.

When it comes to the size of the bed, while you can choose a single or double pad, you can also pick the sizes from Half-Queen to Cal King, if you’re opting for the double Hydronic Pad.

The pad thickness is ¼-inches which shows that it won’t be enough to replace your topper or a mattress, but it’s ideal for giving warming or cooling effect that your mattress or mattress topper don’t have. There is also the 8-foot tubing which helps in case you own an adjustable bed base.

When it comes to the materials used, the Hydronic Pad is equipped with Poly-Cotton Blend which will ensure the impeccable quality of the materials, with relaxing and breezy fibers that conform to your body and merge with the rest of your mattress.

One great thing is that the padding is removable so you can wash it even in the machine. Still, don’t use a heater or any kind of heat to dry it up, as it can get damaged.

The Chilipad remote control isn’t too difficult to use, all you have to do is set the temperature up and enjoy the restorative and peaceful sleep. It has a three-button interface, which is just to keep it on and adjust the temperature.

More importantly the remote is powered by two AAA batteries, making it EMF free. It also has a good range, allowing you to adjust the temperature from 20 feet (6 meters) distance.

Key Features And Benefits

Terry Cralle, RN

The key feature of the Chilipad’s design is that it is equipped with a lot of micro-tubes that aren’t even noticeable to the user. They help the water flow through the padding to control the temperature.

The pad is located under your sheets, and once you control them, you can feel the effect of the chilly cooling system, as well as a toasty heating system specifically designed for the winter nights.


As mentioned above, the pad is extremely thin, so it won’t work as a mattress or topper replacement. What’s important to note is that it won’t interfere with the comfort of your mattress or topper. It uses a medical-grade tubing that brings the water to the pad and regulates the temperature.

Don’t worry about the tubes, the ones that connect directly from the tubes are encased in a silicone covering which is durable and easy to move.

The material that is used is poly-cotton that uses 150 threads to provide convenient and balanced night rest, as well as enhance the overall breathability. When it comes to the firmness, it’s very soft, so it’s best to position it right under your sheets.

On each side’s corner, we found elastic straps that attach it to the mattress of any depth so don’t worry if you have too small or too large mattress profile, the straps are flexible and easily adjustable in providing personalized sleeping environment.

As mentioned above, there are a lot of sizes to choose from.

However, if you own a Cal King size, it’s important to note that the Chilipad Sleep System is available only with the dual-chambered system.

As such it arrives as a two cube-system so that each side of the bed gets an independent amount of heating or cooling. With that in mind, this intelligent system will not transfer the heat or cooling from one half to the other, so what you set up for your site is purely yours.

On the other hand, this system was determined because a lot of people own a smart bed or a split California King Beds that have individually setup halves.

Also, if you own a mattress protector, don’t worry, the Chilipad Padding can work both with and without it, without compromising the overall heating or cooling performance.

Some people may want to set the Chilipad under the mattress topper, though some temperatures may manifest some difference to it.

Sound And Noise

One thing that probably a lot of people are concerned about is the sound and the potential noise. A lot of people are light sleepers and can’t take any type of sound or noise. The sound of the cube highly resembles the sound of a white noise machine.

There are a lot of people who prefer hearing white noise when sleeping, but there are some people who are extremely sensitive to it. The particular cube uses a low fan sound which quite resembles the sound of a fan of a computer or a low-sound heater. Still, for those that are bothered by any kind of noise, the sound may be a deal-breaker.

When the unit starts, and the temperature is set, the cube will run for hours until the perfectly warm or cool temperature is established, and during that time, the fans will run.

Once the temperature is reached and maintained, the cube will shut down, preventing any type of noise. That’s why using this type of device is the best during the day, so you won’t have difficulties sleeping at night.

Room And Body Temperature

It’s important to note that the effects of the ambient temperature and warmth inside your room will affect the heating of the mattress padding.

The cube’s thermostat will perhaps have difficulties determining the right temperatures if the room is too warm or too cool because it uses the external air to warm it up or cool it down.

However, the good side of that is that the closer the room and desired temperature are, the less the cube has to work to achieve it. For example, if you have an 85 degrees room and want to set the 70 degrees on the cube, it won’t take long to achieve that.

Interestingly, if you lay in the bed, while the cube is doing the warming and cooling, it may take it longer to reach the desired temperature as your body temperature will affect the way you’re getting heated up.

That said, getting cooler degrees in a warm room, while laying in the bed may take longer than not laying the bed at all.


As mentioned above, the maintenance of the pad is extremely easy, and it being able to be washed in the machine makes a lot of things easier.

Don’t heat-dry it or use the dryer machine because it can’t get in contact with heat. Also, even washing is strictly recommended in the cold water, which makes using a little more difficult, but knowing that it can be washed sounds quite refreshing.

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Chilipad Sleep System brings a lot of innovations to the sleeping style of a lot of people, especially those who have difficulties falling asleep due to the temperature of the room and their sleeping components. However, there are a few drawbacks which make it less of an attractive option.

  • Noise – While the white noise feels soothing and relaxing to a lot of people who cherish the Chilipad even more because of that, for many people white noise can be disturbing and increase their noise sensitivity. If people are light sleepers, likely, the fan sound won’t let them sleep in peace.
  • The cube – You may face some difficulties placing the cube if you have a different type of a bed frame or sleep in smaller bedrooms. Finding the right position for it in a limited space can be challenging.
  • The wider silicon tubes that are connecting to the pad attract and absorb a lot of dust.

How to Set the Chilipad Sleep System

If your Chilipad Sleep System arrived, you must’ve wondered about how to set it up. In this section, we’ll briefly explain how to do it.

Step 1:

Once your system arrived, it’s important to unbox it and prepare the sleeping surface you will want to use it on.

Fortunately, assembly is extremely easy and every part is labeled so that no parts will get damaged or placed wrongly thanks to an intuitive setup manual.

If you have a nightstand, you can easily place the cube there and set the hoses so that they face towards the cube, so likely towards the top of your bed.

Step 2:

Once you spread the pad over the sleeping surface, under your sheets, you can see the straps that attach to the corner of the mattress and keeps it fixed in place. If you have a mattress protector, you can attach them to it.

Step 3:

Now that the pad is over your bed, it’s time to connect the hoses to the tubes. There is no difficult screwing or attaching that will take minutes.

All you have to do is to connect it and hear the “snapping” sound which confirms that the hose has been connected to the cube. It’s secure and you won’t have to worry about the water leaks through the night.

Adding Water

The last step you need to take is to add enough water to the cube. If the cube starts working without enough water inside or no water at all, its control panel will signalize the water drop by turning the LED indicator on. It’ll also inform you once enough water is in the tank.

It’s best to use distilled water so that you don’t have to worry about the plaque or other issues regarding the pipe water.


When you look at the bigger picture, Chilipad Sleep System has so many features and benefits that you will want to have it at your home. The setup process is a piece of cake, and using it feels extremely good both when it’s hot and cold.

It’s especially beneficial to people who want to keep certain parts of their body like hips or spine toasty through the night. If you’ve been looking for a long-term solution that will enhance your sleeping quality and provide enough rest, Chilipad is the way to go.

Lastly, given that there’s a 90-night sleep trial, you can test the unit for yourself and see if it suits your needs. Also, there’s a two-year limited warranty.



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