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We strive to provide a simple but high quality menu. To do this we work with local artisan producers and collaborate with the right small businesses to bring you a menu with an emphasis on quality and variety.

Speciality Coffee

The Espresso

Here at TY we offer two contrasting espressos from Department of Coffee and Social Affairs. Right now, for espresso drinks served without milk (or with up to 4oz milk) we’re pulling shots of the wonderful Sasaba, a single origin from the Guji region in Ethiopia. Sasaba is a choice that is really enhanced when taken without, or with only a little milk. Expect high citrus flavours and more delicate notes of orange blossom and butterscotch.

For anything with more milk we use a Guatemalan single origin, a delicious coffee with the strength of flavour to really cut through the milk and deliver the perfect silky drink. San Lorenzo is in the Cobán region of Guatemala. Expect milk chocolate and pecan nuts typical of Guatemalan coffee along with big hits of blueberries, all making for a perfectly balanced and super sweet espresso.

Across both of our espressos, our ‘dialling in’ system ensures consistent precision in dose, taste and extraction times to enhance and fully express the varietals from either of the single origins. Enabling you to taste only clean exposed coffee at its absolute best.

Top tips!

If a long black or americano is your drink then we have a recommendation for you! Try a filter brew instead. Stretching out an espresso with water hugely alters the character of the coffee and can unbalance the sweetness naturally present, unleashing sour or bitter flavours instead. Not so good.

Also avoid adding sugar if you can for the same reason. Both espressos are sophisticated coffees that yield a wonderful natural sweetness that deserves to be savoured.


Our filter brew coffee, also known as batch brew, is freshly ground and brewed every hour. We buy from some of the best roasters in the UK and Europe, carefully selecting coffee from producers in different parts of the world, to offer a colourful variety of flavours in every single cup.

We alternate filters every 3 days to follow the harvests around the world, constantly on the hunt for the best seasonal beans. Our filters make a great long drink to takeaway, but inside the shop we serve them in two cup Hario brewers for a long lasting beverage. Check the homepage to see what we are currently brewing in each TY right now.

Top Tips!

These subtle and delicate brews are recommended without milk to best savour their complexities and harness their many layers of flavour! So if you like milk in your coffee then go for a smooth and velvety flat white or latte where the milk really gets to do the job right.


For a next level coffee experience try a Chemex for 2, perfect when drinking a single origin with a friend or colleague – allowing you to compare tasting notes!

This is our favourite brewing method, drawing the best out of our speciality beans and requiring expert baristas to prepare it – you will love it!

Hot Chocolate

Mofo Deluxe Chocolate has an ultra dark and glossy finish. It has a sinister creeping effect. Rich and mouth coating, fine yet generous. The silky first impression builds into an even depth that lasts and is satisfying well after it has been consumed. Mofo hails from Ghana & the deep 22-24% cocoa butter flavour is enhanced by the choicest 100% certified organic coconut blossom sugar. Contains no gluten or dairy ingredients so is vegan friendly. Filler Free. This means no nasty numbers, starch, milk powder, colours, preservatives or thickeners. And by the way, we offer some great non dairy alternatives including almond and oat milk at no extra cost to make your chocolate vegan, gluten free and dairy free.

Our hot chocolate won Best in UK at the BSA Awards in November 2016.